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  • Be Still Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    Be Still Bracelet


    In order to achieve greatness from God, we must Be Still, acknowledge who He is, and what He can do. 14K Gold Artist Wire and Silver

  • Be Thankful Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    Be Thankful Bracelet


    Being Thankful each day opens our eyes to the many blessings constantly surrounding us. What are you Thankful for? 14K Gold Artist Wire & Mirro...

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  • Besties Frame

    Besties Frame


    Make it official! Capture your most cherished memories in this 4x6 Besties Frame, perfect for showing off your favorite BFFs! A guaranteed crowd pl...

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  • Beyond Soft Pocket Scarf
    Beyond Soft Pocket Scarf

    Beyond Soft Pocket Scarf


    The Britt’s Knit’s Beyond Soft Pocket Scarf is a cozy and stylish accessory to keep you warm during chilly days. Here are the details: Material: C...

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  • Big Mouth, Line and Dandy
    Scout Bags

    Big Mouth, Line and Dandy


    Open… WIDE! Designed for maximum access, this easy-clean bag not only opens up wide but it stays open thanks to a built-in wire frame. Ideal for tr...

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  • Patchology

    Bubbly Hydrogel Face Mask


      It's time to party on your skin! This ultra-luxe bubbly hydrogel mask is crafted with Resveratrol (from grapes!), Orange Extract (serving up a he...

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  • Coconut Milk Hand Mask

    Coconut Milk Hand Mask


    The skin on the hands is particularly thin and continues to lose collagen and elastin with age and daily wear and tear. The restoration that your p...

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  • Cold Cup, Storm
    Cold Cup, Ombre Unicorn Kiss

    Corkcicle Cold Cup


    Take the workout class, tackle weekend errands, chill poolside and do it all with your new hydration buddy in tow. The Corkcicle Cold Cup features ...

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  • Corkcicle

    Corkcicle Cold Cup XL


    Cold Cup XL is the ultimate sipping companion cup for days you take the scenic route. Equipped with a 30oz capacity, a comfort-carry handle, and th...

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  • Happy Place Eye Gel Box
    Happy Place Eye Gel Box

    Happy Place Eye Gel Box


    Buckle up, because your senses are about to go on a joy ride. Made with an uplifting aroma of Rose 🌹 these tea-infused eye gels deliver so much mor...

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  • Hope You Dance Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    Hope You Dance Bracelet


    Dance like no one is watching. Love like you have never been hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Live like it is Heaven on Earth.  14K Gold Artist...

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  • I Am Worthy Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    I Am Worthy Bracelet


    "I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it." -Louise L. Hay Silver with 14K Gold Artist Wire Center Wire a...

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  • I Love You Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    I Love You Bracelet


    “XOXO” means “hugs and kisses”. In the spirit of this signature comes the I Love You™ Bracelet. The gorgeous X design around the I Love You™ bracel...

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  • Joy Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    Joy Bracelet


    Choose Joy, it's the sunshine for your soul.  Share it with those you love. 14K Gold Artist Wire & Silver

  • Lean on Me Bracelet
    Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

    Lean On Me Bracelet


    This design reminds you that you always have a special friend or family member to lean on. 14K Gold Artist Wire & Silver