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  • A Tahaa Affair Candle
    Glass House

    A Tahaa Affair Candle


    VANILLA CARAMEL 13.4 oz. Triple Scented Candle Ambrosial with luscious caramel and coconut, it'll take you to the beaches of Tahaa. A transcend...

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  • Apple Gold Big Attachment
    Coton Colors

    Apple Gold Big Attachment


    Featuring metallic gold detailing and a bright red color palette, the Apple Gold Big Attachment is a cheerful addition to any room! A sweet teacher...

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  • Big Mouth, Line and Dandy
    Scout Bags

    Big Mouth, Line and Dandy


    Open… WIDE! Designed for maximum access, this easy-clean bag not only opens up wide but it stays open thanks to a built-in wire frame. Ideal for tr...

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  • Boutique Candle Bulgarian Rose & Oud
    European Scents

    Boutique Candle Bulgarian Rose & Oud


    Fragrance of sweet floral aroma. The dark rose of Damascus, rich and velvety, wrapped in smoked Oud wood

  • Lemon Lavender Bye Bye Bedhead Silky Satin Pillowcase
    Lemon Lavender

    ByeBye Bedhead


    Get the beauty sleep you've always dreamed of! Say 'goodnight' to rough cotton cases and 'good morning' to tamed tresses and glowing skin. Our unbe...

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  • Chirpy Top Wine Pourer Red/Orange
    Gurgle Pot

    Chirpy Top Wine Pourer


    This little bird chirps while you serve your favorite wine. Made from stainless steel and silicone, the ChirpyTop™ Wine Pourer features hidden whis...

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  • Coconut Milk Hand Mask

    Coconut Milk Hand Mask


    The skin on the hands is particularly thin and continues to lose collagen and elastin with age and daily wear and tear. The restoration that your p...

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  • Cold Cup, Storm
    Cold Cup, Ombre Unicorn Kiss

    Corkcicle Cold Cup


    Take the workout class, tackle weekend errands, chill poolside and do it all with your new hydration buddy in tow. The Corkcicle Cold Cup features ...

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  • Corkcicle

    Corkcicle Cold Cup XL


    Cold Cup XL is the ultimate sipping companion cup for days you take the scenic route. Equipped with a 30oz capacity, a comfort-carry handle, and th...

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  • Coton Colors

    Cornucopia Big Attachment


    Add classic style to your Thanksgiving tablescape with our Cornucopia Big Attachment. The traditional horn is filled with an assortment of veggies ...

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  • Giftable Sock Cards
    Giftable Sock Cards

    Giftable Sock Cards


    The Two Left Feet® IT’S YO BIRTHDAY Giftable Sock Cards are a delightful way to celebrate someone’s special day! These hilarious birthday cards com...

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